Saint & Mon Company is an only manufacturer, producing all type of rollers for web offset printing machine. We have a complete production setup for rollers. We are making Rubber Rollers, Hard Chrome Plated Rollers, Stainless Steel Rollers, P.U. Coated Rollers, Copper Coated Rollers, Ink Foam Rubber Rollers, Dampener Foam Rubber Rollers, Ink Feed Roller , Ink Fountain Rollers, Ink Vibrator Rollers, Dampener Vibrator Rollers, Ink Fountain Roller, Dampener Fountain Rollers etc.

  • 100 % suitable for Orient , Ronald, NBG, Pressline and similar type of web offset machines
  • Available for 508mm,533mm,546mm,560mm and 578mm
  • Material : As per the customer’s demand